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Ha Long Bay Cruise For Families – Family Travel in Vietnam

Ha Long Bay Cruise For Families. Hearing the story of the legend of Ha long Bay was enough to tempt our kids into leaving the comfort of Hanoi and agree to spend Christmas on a boat, with no Wi-Fi.

The Ha Long Bay legend goes something like this; whilst Vietnam was at war with foreign invaders, their gods sent down a family of dragons to protect them. The dragons spat down jewels and jades, which upon hitting the bay were turned into the islands. Ha Long means descending dragons… Read More

Family Travel In Thailand

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Guest Post – World Wide With Kids


This week’s guest post comes from WorldWideWithKids a family of 4 from England who are travelling the world long term. They are currently in Germany however this is the start of their adventures. They explain that they were working so much and so hard it was affecting their family life together and also their health. After a lot of research they decided to pack up and start their new life on the road and they are loving it! The two children (aged 8 and 9) are being World Schooled (home schooled) where the world has become their classroom, instead of looking at pictures of amazing pictures in books or on the internet they actually go and see them with mum stating ‘I wouldn’t send my kids back to regular school now unless they asked  to go, they’re so much more relaxed without the pressure of traditional schooling.’

World Wide With Kids World Wide With Kids


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Parc Merveilleux Luxembourg

If you’re taking a trip to Luxembourg with your kids then Parc Merveilleux is an attraction not to be missed.  Located just east of Bettembourg in the south of Luxembourg the park offers a Continue reading “Parc Merveilleux Luxembourg”

Trier – The Oldest City In Germany

Trier – The Oldest City In Germany

I think Trier is my favourite place in Germany. It’s one of those cities that manages somehow to capture the perfect balance between old and new. The city lies in a valley between low vine-covered hills of red sandstone in the west of the state of Rhineland-Palatinate, near the border Continue reading “Trier – The Oldest City In Germany”

Saarburg River Cruise

We had relatives visiting us from England and we decided that a River Cruise would be a great way to show off the local scenery in our new home town. Unfortunately it seemed as though every other visitor to Saarburg had the same idea that day and we  were unable to find a seat on the top deck which boasts the best views. Continue reading “Saarburg River Cruise”

Keeping Kids Cool In Extreme Heat

Summer has arrived in Germany and we are experiencing the most extreme heat that we have ever encountered whilst travelling with our kids. Temperatures have been rising to 44 degrees in the shade with high levels of humidity and I have some seriously grumpy kids to deal with! So what do you do when you want to travel and enjoy the sun when you have kids? Here are our top 5 tips. Continue reading “Keeping Kids Cool In Extreme Heat”

Luxembourg City Tour

Luxembourg City Tour

We took our first trip to Luxembourg last week; we hadn’t really researched places to visit or made any plans about what we wanted to see or do, so we decided to try one of the ‘hop on, hop off’ city buses that take you on a loop around the city taking in the highlights. Continue reading “Luxembourg City Tour”

How To Travel The Côte d’Azur On A Budget

How To Travel The Cote D’Azur On A Budget


‘Its not possible’ I hear you say, ‘Its the most expensive place in Europe’ yeah I hear that too, but for those in the know you really can travel the Côte d’Azur on a budget, and I’m going to tell you how in 5 easy steps. Continue reading “How To Travel The Côte d’Azur On A Budget”

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