Summer has arrived in Germany and we are experiencing the most extreme heat that we have ever encountered whilst travelling with our kids. Temperatures have been rising to 44 degrees in the shade with high levels of humidity and I have some seriously grumpy kids to deal with! So what do you do when you want to travel and enjoy the sun when you have kids? Here are our top 5 tips.

1. Freeze Clothes & Accessories

If you are staying in accommodation that has a fridge freezer then keep a ledge free to pack in t-shirts, caps, flannels and dummies for a few hours. Popping on an icy cap or t-shirt brings instant relief to hot little heads. A frozen flannel can be used to treat sun stroke. Don’t forget to store your suntan lotion and after sun in the fridge too as this will soothe hot skin.

2. Keep hydrated

Kids don’t regulate their temperature as well as adults so they may not know that they are overheating. Make sure you have a supply of bottled water (or tap if its safe) on hand at all times and encourage your kids to drink often. If you are going out for the day invest in a cool bag and store your drinks alongside ice blocks to keep them nice and cool.

3. Take a dip

One of the highlights of living on a campsite is having free access to a swimming pool, as soon as the kids get grumpy we send them to take a dip. They always come back cooler and happier. If your accommodation doesn’t have its own pool ask around as most towns have municipal pools that travellers can use for a nominal charge. Alternatively, get back to nature and visit a lake, stream or pond where you can splash about and cool down with the kids.

4. Never run out of Ice Lollies

My freezer is packed with fruity lollies and ice pops that are handed out as soon as my kids start to grumble. They provide quick relief and happy faces. Worried about sugar content? You can make quick and healthy homemade ice pops with flavoured water and an ice tray.

5. Play in the shade

The sun tends to be at its most extreme between 12-3pm; during this time we either keep our kids indoors in front of a fan with a good book or movie, or find a nice shady spot under a tree to play games and relax. If you have to be out in the mid day heat then keep kids covered in light weight clothes in pale tones to reflect the heat.

Do you have any tips for keeping kids cool in the heat? Share them below.