We had relatives visiting us from England and we decided that a River Cruise would be a great way to show off the local scenery in our new home town. Unfortunately it seemed as though every other visitor to Saarburg had the same idea that day and we  were unable to find a seat on the top deck which boasts the best views.


We sat downstairs which was very comfortable and nicely decorated, the windows were big which made good for being able to see as much as possible.

Saarburg River Cruise

The river boat has a fully equipped bar and restaurant that serves a variety of drinks, (alcoholic and none alcoholic) they also offer a simple but quite appetising hot and cold food menu. The service for drinks and food was very good, the waitress took our order within 5 minutes of starting the trip.

Passing through Saarburg, the River Saar flows in between mountains providing beautiful views and interesting scenery.


     IMG_5892    Saarburg River Cruise

The cruise lasted a total of 2 hours, and seemed reasonably good value for money. If I were to point out any negatives it would be that the cruise did not make the journey to the next town along the river which would have made it more interesting.

Our overall feeling was that it was a pleasant cruise, and we are glad that we chose to see what it has to offer. It gave us a different perspective of the views in Saarburg and was a relaxing couple of hours.

The cost of the trip was 9 euros per adult and 5 euros per child, and the cruise sails daily at 2pm and 3:30pm. Pick up the boat at the port stop in Saarburg near the train station.