Who are we?

Join us as we travel world wide with kids! We left the UK in March 2015 to start a brand new nomadic life, travelling the world as a family of 4 with our faithful RV ‘Lucy’. We’re starting out in Germany where we have work for 9 months as campsite couriers on the top of a mountain, after that we are moving on to explore Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia. 

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How do we afford this lifestyle?

We’ve rented out our home in the UK, sold all of the furniture, clothes and personal possessions that we couldn’t bring with us and got seasonal contracts to help us save for our next countries. We’re hoping the blog might generate a small income so please share our posts, like us on Facebook and help us get noticed on social media.

What about school?

Travel is an education in itself but we also world school our kids using a variety of apps, websites and old school text books. Its creative, fun and the kids love it! I wouldn’t send my kids back to regular school now unless they asked  to go, they’re so much more relaxed without the pressure of traditional schooling.

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Why blog about it?

We’ve started this blog to give a real life account of what its like to travel long term with kids and to inspire others to do the same. Its also a great way to keep our family and friends updated on where we are and what we are doing.

Liz, Gav, Francis & Evie x