What about school?

One of the first questions people always want to ask us when they learn that we are long term travellers is ‘what about school?’. People assume that kids have to go to school to learn, and that by travelling our kids are somehow missing out on their education. Rather than being upset or offended I completely get where they are coming from as this was the first big question we had to answer for ourselves before we made the decision to jump into a nomadic life.  I was worried that without teachers and the resources that schools have I wouldn’t be able to give my kids the education they deserve.

I devoted a lot of time to researching home schooling and decided that trying to apply it in its traditional sense wouldn’t work for us (we don’t travel to sit indoors looking at books all day!), but world-schooling would. The world would become our classroom; instead of reading about a subject we would go out and find its source, instead of looking at pictures of amazing places in books and on the internet we would go and see them ourselves, instead of reading books from a prescribed list our kids would have the freedom to choose their own books and in turn become passionate about reading…and so on, I think you get the idea!

3 months on and my research has become a reality.

What does the first 3 months of world schooling look like for us?

Science & Geography

IMG_5615 IMG_5629 IMG_5384

Drama & Literature

IMG_5466 IMG_5724

History & Architecture

IMG_5642 IMG_5430 IMG_5472


IMG_5498 IMG_5497

Art & Design

IMG_5459 IMG_5458 IMG_5456

We also use lots on online resources for maths, spelling and computer studies. If your looking for online resources we recommend:

Do the kids miss school?

Hell no! My kids have never been happier or more confident in themselves. They want to learn now, its no longer something they have to do. Its now something they want to do. They have become masters of their own education (with some subtle guidance from mom and dad) and their thirst for knowledge grows everyday. World schooling gives them the freedom to learn about subjects that they wouldn’t cover if they were tied to a curriculum at a pace that suits them.

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If you are considering home schooling or world schooling your kids drop us an email at worldwidewithkids@Hotmail.com and we will be happy to share what we have learned so far and answer any questions you may have. You can also contact us via our Facebook page – http://www.facebook.com/worldwidewithkids