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Camping in Germany

Landal Greenparks Warsberg, In Den Urlaub, 54439, Saarburg, Germany

Have you ever considered camping in Germany? Its not a country I had ever thought about visiting before but for the next 9 months this huge campsite is going to be the place we call home! Its truly beautiful here; the site is set on the top of a mountain and surrounded by nature Continue reading “Camping in Germany”


Days Out In Germany That Won’t Break The Bank

Planning a trip to Germany this summer? Saarburg is a fantastic holiday destination for families with children; you can find peace and tranquillity in the mountains and along the beautiful rivers and there are a wealth of fun activities on offer that wont break the bank, some are even free! Here are our top 3 days out on a budget; Continue reading “Days Out In Germany That Won’t Break The Bank”

Top 10 Highlights of Living on a Campsite

We’ve stayed on lots of campsites across the UK and mainland Europe over the last few years and always had a wonderful time, last year we began to toy with the idea of living and working on one. We wondered if we could transfer the good times of a holiday into the reality of day to Continue reading “Top 10 Highlights of Living on a Campsite”

Going, Going, Gondwana

GONDWANA – Das Praehistorium, Bildstockstraße, 66578 Schiffweiler, Germany

Do your kids love dinosaurs? Mine do, in fact they were in Dino heaven at this place (so were the adults)! Gondwana is an interactive museum that takes you on a journey from the birth of the planet right up to the present day, it really brings history to life. My 9 year old said ‘its the sickest place he’s ever been’ – I’m over 30 so I don’t really know what that means but he was very happy! Its a great place for everyone but we particularly loved it as it covered a huge chunk Continue reading “Going, Going, Gondwana”

Castles, Cascades & Ice Cream in Saarburg

Saarburg is a pretty little town with a tiny population, situated on the banks of the Saar River. Saarburg and its surrounding areas are most famous for their production of Riesling grapes, which later become my favourite Riesling wine! You can explore most of Saarburg’s best Continue reading “Castles, Cascades & Ice Cream in Saarburg”

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